Professional audio services for your audience to hear your story.

You have spent precious hours crafting and carefully molding your Story to deliver your Message. You deserve to have the same level of detail and care used in presenting that Message

We have and always will be working to find better audio services and solutions for sound reinforcement at your organization’s live events. We pair those audio visual services with our professional technicians who remain focused on making the technology being used audibly and visually transparent.

Vantage AV makes our focus your goal: Your Message, heard loud and clear. 

Here’s a sample of some events we’ve done in the past:

  • Conference

  • Meeting

  • Press Events

  • Special Events

  • Indoor and Outdoor

Audio Video Design Services

Hear your Story


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If you’re looking for live concert and festival production including indoor and outdoor venues, check out our solutions at Sound Works Productions.

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Vantage AV has is rooted deeply in the audio production industry. Our sister company Sound Works Productions has been producing concerts, shows and audio events since 2000. If you’d like to learn more or believe your project could use the help of our Sound Works Productions team reach out to us today!