Simultaneous Interpretation equipment for multi-language events and listen assistance technology.

Bring your audience together.

Our world has become smaller, more connected, and multi language events are now a part of the fabric of live event services. More than anything, we see the importance in helping you communicate to every member of your audience. The need for clear and uninterrupted simultaneous interpretation audio systems is crucial.  Vantage AV specializes in facilitating SI event technologies, with decades of experience to provide you with the solutions you need to communicate your message.

Simultaneous Interpretation, or SI, is the practice of converting what is spoken in real time from one language to another.

Reach out today and learn what simultaneous interpretation equipment we can provide!

This just lists a few types of events where we’ve provided listen assistance technologies in the past:

  • Conference events

  • Meetings

  • Focus Groups

  • Portable Translation and Tour Group systems

  • Listen Assistance systems for all event sizes and types

As you deliver your message, we’ll make sure your guests equally enjoy their experience. We’re proud to work with brands that are trusted names in the industry.

Simultaneous Interpretation equipment:

Here is a sample of the hardware solutions we can provide to you:

  • Williams AV IC-2 Interpretation Consoles

  • Multi-Caisse - Table top and full size booth options

  • Williams AV R37-8 72 MHz FM systems

  • Williams AV IC-2 Interpretation Consoles

  • Williams AV DigiWave 1.0 systems

  • Listen Technologies LR400/500 216 MHz FM systems